Flinders Quartet


JEAN SIBELIUS  1865-1957
1-5. String Quartet No. 4 in D minor, Op. 56 'Voces Intimae' (Intimate Voices)  (composed 1909)
I Andante - Allegro molto moderato
II Vivace
III Adagio di molto
IV Allegretto (ma pesante)
V Allegro

6-9. String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, JS 183  (composed 1889)
I Andante - Allegro
II Adagio ma non tanto
III Vivace
IV Allegro

Total Playing Time: 60'07

Flinders Quartet:
Helen Ayres violin
Shane Chen violin
Helen Ireland viola
Zoe Knighton cello

Executive Producer Toby Chadd
Recording Producer Stephen Snelleman
Recording Engineer, Editing and Mastering Thomas Grubb, Mano Musica
Recorded 6-8 July 2015 in the Wyselaskie Auditorium, Parkville, Melbourne.

This project was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Review in Limelight Magazine December 2015 issue:

"This is a superb disc."

"Their shading, rhythmic pliability and tautness of ensemble are impeccable. To my mind, this is the finest performance of this work since the Griller Quartet’s recording from the late 1940s, and of course the Flinders Quartet enjoys much better sound."