Members of our Fifth String program play an invaluable role in our ability to thrive. They are a vital part of the FQ community, contributing a profound appreciation of exceptional chamber music and a deep commitment to the work we do.

Through their annual tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 or more, Fifth String members provide the stability and sustainability we need to flourish. This cherished relationship allows FQ to pursue uncompromised creative excellence and plan strategically for the future.

We invite you to join our Fifth String program to enjoy VIP events, newsletters, and exclusive access to insights into the FQ creative process.

We would like to thank our current Fifth String Members:


  • Julian Burnside AO QC*

  • David and Kaye Birks*

  • Annamila (with special thanks to Julie Kantor)



  • Andrew Dixon

  • Kim Williams AM

  • Krystyna Campbell-Pretty AM


  • Peter and Leila Doyle*

  • Anthony Adair and Karen McLeod Adair

  • John and Chris Conquest

  • Beth Brown*

  • Yvonne von Hartel AM and Robert Peck AM peckvonhartel architects

  • Carrillo Gantner AC and Ziyin Gantner

  • Peter Kingsbury

  • In memory of Maggie Dowling

  • Baillieu Myer AC

  • Andrew Domasevicius-Zilinskas and Aida Tuciute

  • Mary Vallentine AO

  • Anonymous [1]

Music on Stand med.jpg


  • Chris Arnold and Margot Costanzo*

  • Sylvia Geddes

  • Helen Brack

  • Robert Heathcote and Meredith King

  • John and Sue Warburton

  • Australian Communities Foundation through the Benjamin Fund

  • Geoff and Jan Phillips

  • Dr Garry Joslin and Prof Dimity Reed AM

  • Dr Cyril Curtain

  • Sieglind D'Arcy

  • Morag Fraser

  • Kate Tribe

  • Geoff Hayes

* Ongoing supporter of FQ musician ‘chair’