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Fifth String

Flinders Quartet has always been committed to the highest level of musical prowess across a rich and varied repertoire. But we have become increasingly aware of the need to grow the established canon of chamber music with fresh Australian voices. By adding compositions that capture the essence of contemporary life and placing these works beside much-loved composers of the past, we are creating a vibrant musical dialogue.

In 2017 Flinders Quartet launched Capturing the Now, an initiative to support the development of Australian chamber music. This program supports both established and emerging composers through workshops, commissions, performances and recordings. It is vital for the future of the Australian chamber music form and artists, that the sounds of this country are fostered and shared across international audiences.

But we need your help.  We need to raise $70,000 for this program.

We are thrilled to have had the support of Creative Partnerships Australia through their Plus1 program. This matched funding initiative ran earlier this year, with Creative Partnerships Australia matching all donations up to the value of $15,000. This has allowed us to raise substantial funds towards our first step, producing a CD of works commissioned by the group over its sixteen year history; but we still need your help.

Please consider supporting this important initative. Donations of $2 or more are eligible for tax deductions.


  • First violin - Julian Burnside AO QC

  • Second violin -

  • Viola - Peter and Leila Doyle (half chair)

  • Cello Chair Syndicate - Chris Arnold and Margot Costanzo, Beth Brown and Tom Bruce AM, Dr Terry Cutler, David and Kaye Birks


  • Julian Burnside AO QC

  • Chris Arnold and Margot Costanzo with special thanks to the Australian Communities Foundation and the Gumnut One Fund

  • David and Kaye Birks

($10,000 - $19,999)

  • Peter and Leila Doyle

  • Andrew Dixon

  • Kim Williams AM

($5,000 - $9,999)

  • Anthony Adair and Karen McLeod Adair

  • John and Chris Conquest

  • Beth Brown and Tom Bruce AM

  • Philip Bacon AM

  • Yvonne von Hartel AM and Robert Peck AM peckvonhartel architects

  • Carrillo and Ziyin Gantner

($1,000 - $4,999)

  • Sylvia Geddes

  • Helen Brack

  • Robert Heathcote and Meredith King

  • John and Sue Warburton

  • Valerie Lindell

  • Dr Terry Cutler

  • Peter Kingsbury

  • Brian and Esther Benjamin

  • Baillieu Myer AC

  • Geoff and Jan Phillips

  • Lady Primrose Potter

  • Scarlet’s Fund a sub fund of the Australian Communities Foundation that supports creative projects in developing communities in memory of Scarlet Spain

  • Dr Garry Joslin and Prof Dimity Reed AM

(up to $999)

  • Richard Gubbins

  • David and Elizabeth Thompson

  • George Embelton

  • Janet McDonald

  • Dr Cyril Curtain

  • Dr Barry Jones AC and Rachel Faggetter

  • Brad and Maggie Robinson

  • Geoff Hayes

  • Malcolm and Janet Cole

  • John Smyth

  • Marion and Michael Webster

  • Hon Clive Tadgell AO and Chris Tadgell

  • Robin and Janice Pleydell

  • Barbara Moriarty

  • Baumgartners

  • Shanthi Sarma

  • Kingsley Gee

  • Barbara Reed

  • Nicholas Garnham

  • Greg Coldicutt

  • David and Judy Cotterill

  • Anne Patterson

  • Keith Darling

  • Stephen Snelleman

  • Peter Marks and Sheela Edwards

  • Lois Goodin

  • John Laffin

  • Barry Hocking

  • Brendan Murphy

  • Joyce Evans

  • Eric Bumstead

  • Helen Hewison

  • Marilyn Kerry Willis

  • Joanna Baevski

  • Margot Breidahl

  • Kurt Esser

  • Philip and Jean Jonnes

  • Graham Anderson

  • Julien Voraz

  • Lorna Henry

  • Tim Rowley

  • Erin Lisk

  • Jen Butler

  • Vincent Edwards

  • Cope Williams Winery

  • Louise Ray

  • Morag Fraser

  • Charmain Boyakovsky

  • Stephen Whately

  • Sarah Curro

  • Helen Murdoch

  • Anonymous [4]